On the riots


I don’t see the logic in ramping up the prison sentences in response to the August riots. The mood of the public isn’t a reason to do such things, not to mention the negative human cost on a young foolish individual. But we are all young and foolish at some point. Sensible voices on the left and the right, have asked for a bit of collective calmness in response to the riots. And community service for some of these crimes would be a better response. Since it also involves the loss of liberty,and less criminogenic than prison. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2011/nov/25/england-riots-personal-cost-youngsters-sentenced #longreads


David MacKay interview on Climate Change


http://www.davidstrahan.com/blog/?p=1104 is a link to an interview with David MacKay one of the top civil servants on climate change, he is also the author of an excellent book.
Mathematical analysis offers a lot in understanding the challenges we face, and its great to see an eminent physicist being involved in such things.
What is very interesting is how important Nuclear Energy is in the calculations, its very difficult to reach power output without this happening.