Plans to privatise some parts of the police force

One of the best responses to this I read on facebook. A friend of mine Simon Bennet says:”It is not too difficult to speculate about how this would pan out. The enforcement of UK immigration law, from raids and arrests, to detention, to enforced removals, is now almost exclusively carried out by private contractors. The catalogue…… Continue reading Plans to privatise some parts of the police force

David MacKay interview on Climate Change is a link to an interview with David MacKay one of the top civil servants on climate change, he is also the author of an excellent book. Mathematical analysis offers a lot in understanding the challenges we face, and its great to see an eminent physicist being involved in such things. What is very…… Continue reading David MacKay interview on Climate Change

Notebooks: Generalized Functions and PDE

In the style of Cosma Shalizi’s notebooks I’m including some links to things that I’ve read recently. This little one is written about PDE, Generalized Functions and Differential Equations. Historically generalized functions were first used in Physics by Heaviside and Dirac. Schwartz the great analyst came along and added rigour. Introduction to Generalized Functions with…… Continue reading Notebooks: Generalized Functions and PDE