Working in a major trend – Machine Learning

I saw recently this from the recent Amazon shareholder letter. “These big trends are not that hard to spot…We’re in the middle of an obvious one right now: machine learning & artificial intelligence” — Jeff Bezos One of the hard parts about working professionally on these technologies. Is I take them for granted. So I…… Continue reading Working in a major trend – Machine Learning

The language of…

The language of individual- ism (i.e., the idea that people make decisions for themselves and that at least in economic matters these are the best decisions) serves as a powerful legitimation for free-market liber- alism. The irony is that this profoundly anti- expert, anti-elitist, democratic ideology has its own expert class, its professionals of market… Continue reading The language of…

Tony Judt on Society

I posted the following on my Facebook account last night ‎ ‘Thinking “economistically,” as we have done now for thirty years, is not intrinsic to humans. There was a time when we ordered our lives differently.’ – Tony Judt A friend of mine challenged me to provide some analysis, so here I provide some. Tony…… Continue reading Tony Judt on Society

Care: Or the fallacies of Neo-Liberalism

This article probably won’t be too long. There is nothing I can say which is better thought out than the following article in last weeks Guardian Deborah Orr speaks about Care. There are problems with both the left and the right, certainly in terms of thinking of their views as moral. Deborah Orr points out…… Continue reading Care: Or the fallacies of Neo-Liberalism

Why Education Ministers should be educated

Michael Gove is reported as arguing that: Gove said there had been previous attempts to make science relevant, by linking it to contemporary concerns such as climate change or food scares. But he said: “What [students] need is a rooting in the basic scientific principles, Newton’s laws of thermodynamics and Boyle’s law.” […] We are…… Continue reading Why Education Ministers should be educated

Training students for the 21st Century

Education is a hugely politically loaded issue. I want to write today briefly about education. I’ve two years of experience as a tutor and Teaching Assistant in a Northern Ireland Grammar School, and continue to tutor a range of ages while I undergo my Masters studies in Mathematics. I definitely will focus on STEM subjects,…… Continue reading Training students for the 21st Century

The truth as a blessing

Obviously it is beyond the scope of this article to discuss, ‘what is truth’. I leave that problem for people a lot smarter than me. But I came across a beautiful quotation by A.N. Kolmogorov a great Russian Mathematician. ‘I have lived being guided by a principle that the truth is a blessing, and our…… Continue reading The truth as a blessing